An Online Disease Surveillance and Warning System

Name: Worapong Sirirotjanawong

ID: –  

Title: An Online Disease Surveillance and Warning System

Type: Thesis


Health is the most important thing for people‚Äôs life. In Bangkok, the disease information from Communicable Diseases Control Division Department of Health (CDCD) is difficult to understand and not interesting because the provided information is in usual report-based. For this reason, web-based application was studied for representing the disease information in format which was easy to understand. The aim of this study was developing an automatic web mapping system which provided the online disease situation and also sent the alert message via Twitter when the disease information is available. Besides, the workload for publishing the disease situation was reduced using Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) processing. It run the tasks as the web map automatically. GeoKettle was used to execute the jobs namely retrieve the data, generate charts and sent the alert messages. The result of this study was the application which published the disease maps with charts on the website and also sent the alert messages via Twitter. It led to the awareness of disease that could reduce the risk of people in Bangkok to be infected as well. The groups of people who gain the benefits of this system are the staffs who are responsible to disseminate the disease information and the users who demand to follow the disease situation in Bangkok. In part of the staffs, amount of work will be reduced. In part of the users, they can access the disease situation on the website which is easy to understand. Moreover, the user can access this application everywhere and any time via laptop, tablet or smartphone which the internet is available. 

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