Development of a Low Cost System to Determine Vegetation Index Using a Single Modified Digital Camera

Name: Babu Ram Poudel

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Title: Development of a Low Cost System to Determine Vegetation Index Using a Single Modified Digital Camera

Type: Thesis


       This research mainly focuses on developing asingle camera system to acquire visible and near infrared information from asingle image. Later, performance of the system is assessed for vegetation and non-vegetation mapping by implementing NDVI and RVI as standard vegetation indices. A NIR sensitive Nikon D70s DSLR camera is prepared by replacing the internal hot-mirror filter with NIR pass filter. The modified camera has been tested by taking images of the different vegetation and non-vegetation types in different locations inside AIT and at the same time taking hyperspectral reflectance with the ASD spectrometer observation. In order to validate thedata, band by band analysis and NDVI and RVI analysis are conducted for imagedata keeping spectrometer data as a reference. Image calibration and normalization are performed to improve the indexes derived from image. NIR,NDVI and RVI shows very strong linear relationship with R2 > 0.8 for all the case and RMSE and bias remaining very low. Red band of the image is affected bysome errors however the trend of the data shows good correspondence with the spectrometer data.   The findings obtained from this research show that the technique can be useful for the purpose of vegetation and non-vegetation mapping and monitoring. With further improvementit can also be used to complement the data from satellite based monitoring by estimating ratio indices like RVI and NDVI during the period of the rainy,cloudy and other season with adverse environmental conditions. The technique iswell suited for the relative measure of the NDVI and RVI ratio thus helping todistinguish vegetation from nonvegetation with greater spatial resolution.Besides this, the same approach can be used for onsite phenological monitoringin the fixed station and also can be used as an image sensor in UAV mapping forhigh resolution vegetation indices mapping in small area coverage. Keywords:Digital Camera, Near-Infrared, Spectrometer, NDVI, Vegetation Mapping.

Keywords: Digital Camera,Near-Infrared, Spectrometer, NDVI, Vegetation Mapping.

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