Development of a System for Crowd Sourced Air Quality Mapping through IOT Technology

Name: Masood Ahmed

ID: – 

Title: Development of a System for Crowd Sourced Air Quality Mapping through IoT Technology

Type: Thesis


The presence of harmful pollutants in the air adversely affects the health ofpeople. It is therefore necessary to monitor the air quality to map air qualityindex. However, air quality measurement and monitoring require data of highspatial and temporal resolution to improve the models of air quality andestimates of individual exposure to potentially injurious pollutants.Currently, regional monitoring sites are used to map pollutants such as Ozone,CO2, NO2 or PM. However, in many cases the use of data from such sites may notaccurately reflect the pollutants in the air owing to the air being monitoredsparsely as a result they visualize only hotspot maps for air quality. However,the recent advances in electronics and telecommunication have resulted innoteworthy modern technology for sensing air quality pollutants. Theintegration of such sensing devices and smartphone can be used for mobilemeasurement and monitoring of the environment. This study proposes a system ofcrowdsourced sensing data of air quality which can be used to build improvedmodel of air quality within the urban environment, such inventories of airquality pollutant monitors can be constructed with spatial resolution in theurban areas, in addition, the combination of smartphone devices with sensorswill allow improved estimates of pollutants in the air. This proposed system incomparison with hotspot monitoring has an advantage of buffered hexagonal gridsinterpolated by aggregation method for visualizing air quality on the fly. Thiswill assist the concerned individuals or organization in their decision makingand will improve their ability to remotely sense pollutions, and consequentlyallow better comprehension of the effects of such pollutants.

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