Finding Appropriate Location and Service Area for Fecal Sludge Treatment Plant Using GIS and Network Analysis

Name: Lalita Thumprasen

ID: – 

Title: Finding Appropriate Location and Service Area for Fecal Sludge Treatment Plant Using GIS and Network Analysis

Type: Thesis


Application of geographic information system for finding appropriate location for facilitiesof fecal sludge management in urban area case study of Nonthaburi province is aimed to analyze the possible location and service area extent of treatment plant by using multi-criteria analysis to find the plant location and calculating covered of service area by comparing in three logical that are select point to be the center of service area by center of area, administration boundary (Amphoe boundary), and population density rank. The results shown that the possibility locations had 188 locations are distributed throughout the Nonthaburi area. For the most covered service area of center of area, Amphoe boundary, and population density rank logical had two sites service, with a total area of 620.90 km2 , 630.16 km2 , and 610.07 km2 , accounting for 97.56%,99.02%, and 95.86% of the total areas respectively. From the evaluation households, there were 342,050 households, 349,464 Households, and 337,115 households, accounting for 97.35%, 99.46%, and 95.94% living in each region respectively. The results of this study can be applied to improve the site selection of treatment plant and service area to provide more coverage areas in Nonthaburi province for public service benefits thoroughly.

Keywords: geographic information systems; possibility location; service area; network analysis;Multi-Criteria Analysis

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