Identification of the Affected Area on Public Health from Pesticide Leaching of Highland Agriculture in Nan Province, Thailand

Name: Detrit Sittibal

ID: –

Title: Identificationof the Affected Area on Public Health from Pesticide Leaching of Highland Agriculture in Nan Province, Thailand

Type: Thesis


This study focuses on identification of the health-affected area by pesticide leaching from highland agriculture in Nanprovince, Thailand. Satellite images, which were Landsat 5 TM in 2006 andLandsat 8 OLI in 2013 and 2016, were used to analyze. Additional data used in this study include Digital elevation model, cancer cases data from LampangCancer Hospital, documents, statistical data, field survey and fieldobservation data. The analytical methods are composed of supervisedclassification method, python coding method and statistical analysis. Spatialdata were analyzed by Arc Hydrology tool set and geographic information systems.It found that highland forest area mainly changes and decrease from 2006 to2016. There has been huge decrease for highland forest (-764.61 On theother hand, there has been large increase for highland agriculture ( Overall pesticide application rates and pesticide contamination were calculated from flow accumulation in agriculture area. There was the highestvolume in Santisuk district in 2006 and Chaloem Prakiat district in 2013 and2016. Moreover, the highest pesticide contamination volume in 2006, 2013 and2016 were found in Na Muen district which were 0.3222 g/km2, 0.4255 g/km2 and0.4196 g/km2, respectively. Regression analysis results revealed insignificant association in Lymphoma cases, land use change, pesticide usage and pesticide contamination. Flow accumulation and urban area were buffered. The most urbanareas in each district were located in range of 500 meters from flow line. Thenumber of lymphoma cancer cases of those districts was higher followed thelocation of urban area. This thesis revealed that land use change due toagriculture expansion is a serious problem. The pesticide application withoutcontrol can affect to population health. However, there are insignificantbetween variables in this research. The result means these variables are a partof factors. There are more factors that should be considered.

Keywords: Pesticide leaching, Highland agriculture, Land use change, Pesticide usage, Public health, Nan province

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