Identifying a Suitable Location for a Faecal Sludge Treatment Plant with Population Distribution in Tiruchirappalli District, Tamil Nadu, India

Name: Doddaka Raaga Harsha Sayoji

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Title: Identifying a Suitable Location for a Faecal Sludge Treatment Plant with Population Distribution in Tiruchirappalli District, Tamil Nadu, India

Type: Thesis


The importance of sludge treatment plant is increasing day by day with this thereis a need to identify suitable location for constructing a treatment plant tokeep the surroundings hygiene. In this study, Tiruchirappalli is selectedbecause existing plant is discharging the faecal sludge into the UyyankondanRiver which is worst affected in causing health hazards to surrounding peopleas the river is passing in the middle of the city. Geographic informationsystem GIS is a powerful tool for making decision for the use of naturalresources. The main factor we considered is population as there is rapid growthin these days this should be taken into consideration. In this study, at firstland use land cover classification is done classifying into built up andnon-built up areas. The accuracy obtained from this classification is 86%. Fromthis land use map percentage of built up is considered along with thereflectance’s and the census data and were undergone regression, thuspopulation is estimated which shows an error of percentage 0.69%.The populationdata from census is projected into built up areas per pixel and then thesepopulated pixels are grouped into various clusters based on distance. Then thecentroid of each clusters are taken and is processed through a gravity model toobtain the suitable location for treatment plant. From this 10 suitablelocations were obtained for the entire district and the obtained location ischecked with flood prone areas and also a service area is generated in order toobtain the appropriate location and to estimate the capacity of a treatmentplant. Thus the final obtained location is safe and serves maximum number ofpopulation in this district. Finally, suitable FSTP locations for Wards 43, 50,53, 57, 60 were identified. The result showed that two suitable locations forthe placement of FSTP plant. These two locations were served by the nearbywards. When compared with the proposed site which 113 kilometer far away thesewere very near and are safe from floods.

Keywords: Population estimation, Faecal sludge,GIS, Site selection, Gravity Model, Cluster

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