Investigation of the Appropriate Approach to Generate the Noise Map From Crowdsourcing

Name: Chanitnart Mahakanta

ID: – 

Title: Investigation of the Appropriate Approach to Generate the Noise Map From Crowdsourcing

Type: Thesis


Noise pollution is a problem that should be concerned because it leads to many physical and mental health problems. The latest noise map in Bangkok was released in 2001 by Department of Environment Quality Promotion. Since the measuring processes require expensive equipment and complex procedures, it is difficult for publishing the up-to-date noise pollution information to society. In this study, the crowdsourcing system using smart phone to collect sound level in the environment was proposed and also the most appropriate interpolation method for generating sound map was investigated. To generate the map, there are two types which are sound map and noise map. Sound map are considered by the average of sound level in each grid for a period time. While noise map are generated from considering the disturbance of sound level, which exceed ten decibel A from the background of sound level in each period time. In this study, Thammasat University, Rangsit campus is selected to be the area of experiment for collecting data. After calibrating the mobile devices by comparing with sound level meter with Pollution control Department office, it found that crowdsourcing system can be applied for noise pollution monitoring. From analyzing, the data that acquire from each devices can indicate in the same trend even the measuring value are different. To visualize the observation points as the area, interpolation is considered to generate the map and grid filling is also the method which investigated. The results show that spline method is not suitable in this study, because it calculates negative value. Grid filling is the method that using averaging the value of observation points in each grid. In case of no data in which grids, the grid was filled by the value of the upper level grid size and the result maps were shown as 25 meters grid size. For IDW, kriging and grid filling, they were evaluated by considering RMSE. Grid filling was selected because it estimated more accuracy of unknown value which 6.97, 6.14 and 5.14 respectively. Thus, grid filling method was the most appropriate for generating sound map in this study.

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