Tabu Search – Based Route Optimization for Multi – Trip Faecal Sludge Collection

Name: Shulaxan Sharma

ID: – 

Title: Tabu Search – Based Route Optimization for Multi – Trip Faecal Sludge Collection

Type: Thesis


In the context of developing countries, most of the urban dwellers use onsite sanitation systems like septic tanks, pit latrines, etc. as there is no access to the sewer systems which needs to be periodically emptied every time it is filled by faecal sludge. In general, faecal sludge management authorities collect the sludge from households and are dumped at the plant where it is treated for further use mainly as fertilizers for agricultural purposes. Thoughthe emptying process can be manual, semi-mechanized or fully mechanized, the sludge needs to be transported to the treatment facility or the plant. Due to the geographically diversified customers’ locations, authorities are facing problems for managing the customers queue, assigning the vehicles, minimizingthe vehicle to be used and the total distance travelled by a vehicle. This study describes a technique to develop and evaluate the potential routes giving optimal performance on the basis of distance travelled, time, and vehicle capacity to the customers for faecal sludge collection using Geographic Information System (GIS). The GPS log data of the customers maintained by Nonthaburi Municipality, Thailand has been considered as the base data during the development of this application. In order to achieve the optimal route performance, the possible routes are initially generated programmatically,followed by the tabu search approach, and implemented to retrieve the best costminimal routes. Ultimately, the optimal routes for faecal sludge management is acquired, as such both the customers and the service providers are benefitted.

Keywords: Sludge Management, Route Optimization, Tabu Search, GIS, Distance Matrix

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