Evaluation of Educational Accessibility Using GIS and Network Analysis : A Case Study of Pak Kret District in Nonthaburi, Thailand

Name:  Kanit Tinnoraset

ID: –

Title: Evaluation of Educational Accessibility Using GIS and Network Analysis : A Case Study of Pak Kret District in Nonthaburi, Thailand

Type: Thesis


This study aims to identify spatial distribution and evaluate the educational accessibility of elementary schools and junior high schools for decreasing the inequality of educational accessibility problem. In this research, the distance and travel time between communities and schools are used to identify the educational accessibility, and student couldtravel to school within 30 minutes. Distribution of schools are random patterns except nearest neighbor analysis presents dispersed patterns in both of Pak Kret district and Nonthaburi province. The educational accessibility of student ineach school service area are perform to evaluate the school capacity and number of students in their service areas. The relationship presents imbalance between schools and students. Most students can access the education within 30 minuteswhile some students take time more than 30 minutes. Students in the east ratherhigh accessibility than the west because number of schools in the east ishigher and cluster than the west. Furthermore, most of small and medium schoolsizes can support students for complete school capacities, while students inlarge and extra-large school sizes are lower than school capacity. Finally,school capacity complement depends on educational accessibility of students such as population density, school location, and school capacity definition.

Keywords: spatial distribution, school, student, service area, education, accessibility

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