IndoorNavi: The Hybrid Indoor Navigation System based on WiFi and NFC Positioning Techniques

Name: Chairath Sirirattanapol

ID: –

Title: IndoorNavi: The Hybrid Indoor Navigation System based on WiFi and NFC Positioning Techniques

Type: Thesis


Although, Global Positioning System (GPS) has ability to specify a position and navigate users to desired locations, it has limitations, when it is applied in an indoor conditions such as building, orunderground due to the signal penetration of satellites. Also, the current indoor technologies like WiFi does not practically respond the answer in terms of the accuracy, and process of creating the radio map. Therefore, this studyproposes the solutions, which comprises of main three objectives; toinvestigate the optimum number of scanned points, to develop a hybrid system between WiFi and NFC technologies, which has the additional turn-by-turnfunction viewed on Augmented Reality called Indoor Navi application, and toevaluate a standalone WiFi system with the Indoor Navi. As a result, we found that the number of scanned point can be reduced to 80 pointsfrom 160 points but still keep the accuracy, the Indoor Navi has been developed based on Android platform, which has multi functions such asspecifying the location and routing to the desired destinations, turn-by-turnAR view, and tracking the users. For the result of the evaluation, the hybridsystem has ability to increase the accuracy to 83 % inideal condition as well as the number of getting out of the route and the timeof user arrival have become less than using only WiFi.  

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