Development of a Location Based Service Application Using Augmented Reality Technology for Historical Tourism on an iOS Platform

Name: Jittin Chaitamart

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Title: Development of a Location Based ServicevApplication Using Augmented Reality Technology for Historical Tourism on an iOSPlatform

Type: Thesis


Tourism industry is one of the growing industries compared to other industries in today’s era. Tourism helps in country‘s economyas it generates foreign income. The historical tourism is differ from other tourism type since tourists may be enthusiastic not only enjoy the elegance ofthe places but also the detail information or history of visited place are theethic of the particular places. However, in most of the historical places,people use a head phone equipment providing the information about that particular place, which seems to be in convenient to the tourists as they canonly hear the details but cannot see more the details and other related work.Location based service (LBS) is the service identify the location by usingmobile devices through the mobile communication network to access information associated with the location or to access the information based on the device location.

Recently, the new emergent of Augmented Reality(AR) technology, which can direct or indirect real-time represent contents in aview of physical world with real world environment via a camera of a device was implemented in various applications. With the combination of AR and LBS, aunique software application can be developed in order to help them navigate and can show more details about that particular place such as 3D model, annotation information, related website, image, audio and video. Therefore, this application will help tourist to see the information and will augment the knowledge about historical places to tourists. In this research we will developthe location based service application using augmented reality technology for historical tourism on iOS platform to represent associated information of historical places via the smart phone.

Keywords: Augmented Reality, AR, Location Based Service, LBS, Historical tourism, GIS, Mobile application

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