Innovation on Remote Sensing Education and Learning (IRSEL)

Project Title Innovation on Remote Sensing Education and Learning (IRSEL)
Sponsor Erasmus+ Capacity Building in Higher Education
Duration 36 months
Project Description The wider objective of the project is to develop an innovative learning platform, a Learning Management System (LMS) for Asian countries, China and Thailand, which already have relevant activity in the field of RS.  Though the content of the implemented LMS would not correspond to any level of tertiary level education, it is basically planned to be developed for meeting from BSc to MSc level of RS related disciplines.


The LMS to be developed at 4 Asian universities will serve the practical applicability of remote sensing data for wide range of disciplines (including different tasks of Environmental protection, Agriculture, forestry and fishery, Physical sciences, Engineering and engineering trades, Transport services, Security services). The aim of the LMS is to foster the uptake of remote sensing applications to boost the benefits that space brings to society and the wider economy. 8 partnership members (4 EU and 4 Asian) will contribute to develop 20 newly developed modules on remote sensing in the curricula of participating universities, improving the quality of higher education, delivering a background for studying the practical use of the remote sensing techniques.