Smart PWA

Project Title Smart PWA mobile application: GIS Mobile Application on iOS and Android device for supporting Thai Provincial Waterworks Authority
Sponsor Thai Provincial Waterworks Authority (Subcontractors with D.T.S. Technology Partnership Limited)
Duration 2 year
Project Description The purpose of this project is to develop GIS mobile application on tablet device for both of iOS and Android operating system that can support user’s regular operation. The developed application provide powerful GIS analysis function such as “Pipeline Risk Identification“, “Leak Detection and Water Loss Control tool” and “Water Consumption Analysis tool”. The developed function will be performed in the cloud environment and rendering the results on tablet devices under constrain of limited computing resources of the device and 3G bandwidth.


The base system is constructed by the integration of jQuery mobile, HTML5, CSS and JavaScript and the integration of Web-GIS Engine, GIS and relational database to support for OGC WMS (Web Map Service), and OGC WFS (Web Feature Service).